Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Dog Dies After Being Fed LSD-Laced Gummi Worm

Authorities say a Snellville, Georgia, couple wandered naked in the road in search of their dachshund after giving the pooch a dose of LSD in a Gummi Worm. The dog ran into the street, was hit by a car and later died. Officers were called to a home on Sunday night after reports of a man and a woman running nude on a street. When the officers knocked on the door, they were greeted by a nude man and a woman naked from the waist up in a very agitated state. During questioning, the man and woman said they had taken LSD and had given some to Oscar, who was missing. Police determined Oscar was a dog and began a search, but soon learned the animal had been hit by a vehicle on a nearby road. He later died. Inside the home, police found a bong, marijuana and Gummi Worms, which were allegedly used to take the LSD. No LSD was found in the home. The couple, Nicholas Modrich and Jamie Hughes, were sent to a hospital for treatment and face drug and animal cruelty charges.