Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Ford To Sell New 1964-66 Mustang Shells

Ford Motor Co. said it is selling body shells for restoration of the original Mustang sports car, which are hard to find elsewhere. Even if a consumer can find the body parts for a 1964 to 1966 Mustang – the first redesign was in 1967 – they are apt to be dinged, badly damaged or rusted through. To combat the shortage, Ford is now selling Mustang shells, rustproofed, but unpainted. However, the metal is strong and the welds are new and improved, Ford said. Now, Mustang fans can build almost an entire original car using approved restoration parts. Everything except minor body parts are available. The first Mustang went on sale in April 1964. There were 1.2 million sold before the first design changes, which came about in 1967. The shells are priced at $15,000. That’s more than six times the $2,400 original retail price for the entire car 47 years ago.