Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Hospital Ordered To Pay Big For Baby Swap

A Russian court has ordered a hospital pay $101,200 each to two families whose children were accidentally swapped at birth 12 years ago. The Belyayev and Iskanderov families asked for $165,941 each in moral compensation from the hospital, but the court ordered yesterday that each family get $101,200. The swap was discovered after the Belyayevs filed for divorce and the father requested their daughter’s DNA for a paternity test. The test revealed neither of the Belyayev were the biological parents of their daughter and a police investigation discovered their actual daughter was living with the Iskanderovs. When the girls were born 12 years ago, the staff at in the maternity ward at a Chelyabinsk region hospital mixed up the baby tags after the mothers gave birth. The girls are reportedly having trouble taking in the information that the people who raised them are not their biological parents. Both families have expressed their reluctance to switch the girls back.