Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Break Up With Your Ex! What is the worst way to break up?

Break Up With Your Ex! has launched to help people dump their ex before Valentine’s Day. Last year determined that 71% of people think about their ex “too much” and 57% would like to “break up” with them. From now through February 13th, is providing support to millions of people to make the break from their exes digitally (i.e. unfriend him/her on Facebook, unfollow him/her on Twitter, delete his/her phone number, untag his/her photos, etc…). The site is also encouraging people to improve their own wellbeing as they mend their broken hearts by giving themselves a “breakover” – a makeover designed to move beyond a failed relationship. Additional YourTango research shows that women are more confident about being independent than ever before. They are taking proactive steps – eating right, exercising, shopping and spending time with friends – to move on from an ex.

  • 84% believe a break-up provides the best opportunity for self-improvement.
  • 64% tend to lose weight through diet and exercise after a breakup.
  • 72% have de-friended their ex, whereas only 41% surveyed last year at this time had done so.
  • 81% of respondents said that having sex with your ex is always a bad idea.
  • 93% found it totally inappropriate to ever end a relationship electronically.
  • Wine topped the survey as the go-to comfort food/beverage to mend a broken heart, followed by chocolate and fruits or veggies.