Tuesday, January 24, 2012

3-Inch Nail Removed From Man’s Brain - Think you would notice?

3-Inch Nail Removed From Man’s Brain
An Orland Park, Illinois, man was completely unaware that he accidentally shot a 3.5 inch nail into the center of his brain – and carried on as normal for almost two days before going to the hospital. Dante Autullo shot himself in the head with a nail gun Tuesday morning but since he only suffered a small cut, he assumed the nail had missed and went out to plow some snow. But after work Wednesday, the 32-year-old felt nauseous after a nap and went to the hospital, Orland Park to get checked out. An X-ray revealed the nail had lodged itself sideways in the center of his brain, just millimeters away from the section of the brain that controls motor functions. Autullo’s mom said doctors were shocked because he was “walking and talking” despite having the nail in his brain for 36 hours. The X-ray image was so shocking that most of the family’s friends thought it was a hoax when Dante Autullo posted it on his Facebook wall. The father of four had surgery to remove the nail Thursday morning. The surgery was successful and Autullo, who had part of his skull removed and replaced with a titanium plate, appeared to be recovering well.