Thursday, January 19, 2012

Twitter Users Fill Wikipedia Void - What fact are you famous for?

Twitter Users Fill Wikipedia Void

Twitter users filled in the void during the 24-hour Wikipedia blackout by sharing their own “facts.” Wikipedia was one of the websites that went into a 24-hour blackout yesterday to protest the Stop Online Piracy Act, which is being considered by the U.S. House of Representatives, and its Senate equivalent, the Protect Intellectual Property Act. Twitter users shared their own “facts” using the hashtag #factswithoutwikipedia. The informal information includes:

  • “The plate was invented by Plato.”
  • “‘Star Wars’ is based on the lesser known Shakespeare work ‘Thy Force Be Stronge.’”
  • “Mayan prophecy states that Believers will be responsible for the apocalypse.”
  • “The original title of Mario Puzo’s ‘The Godfather’ was ‘Italians Say the Darndest Things.’”
  • “The first fact was conceived of by Sir William of Sasquatch in 47 B.C.”
  • “If you throw a boomerang and it doesn’t come back, you’re entitled to a full refund from the manufacturer.”