Monday, January 23, 2012

Booze-Ville - What is your favorite Adult Drink to order?

Many U.S. consumers, despite the sluggish economy, seek a more sophisticated experience when eating out and when ordering adult beverages. The Cheers On-Premise BARometer Handbook, published by The Beverage Information Group, said a bar manager’s survey found the margarita remains the most popular mixed drink nationwide. The martini and rum and coke take second and third spots, respectively, while the cosmopolitan cracked the top five. Absolut vodka narrowly beat out Grey Goose as the leading call for a brand in 2011, while chardonnay is still the best-selling wine because consumers find it easy to order and drink, but Merlot was more popular in hotels and clubs. Corona edged out Heineken as the best-selling imported beer, while Sam Adams continued as the most popular craft beer.