Friday, January 13, 2012

The Hotel Experience recently conducted a hotel amenities survey, asking travelers to dish on their favorite in-room and hotel perks. Guests said that free Wi-Fi is a must when choosing a hotel room and that it overwhelmingly factored into the decision on which hotel to book: 38% of travelers reported that free Wi-Fi played a part in their decision as a "must" to stay at a specific hotel, 35% said it is the amenity they want to see more in hotels, with 31% wishing it would become a standard in all hotels in 2012. Meanwhile, 23% of guests said their favorite modern in-room amenity was the use of iPads for guest services, local information and personal use. That ranked above air purifiers/humidifiers, high-end coffee makers, iPod dock, massage chairs, video game systems, universal remote rooms and workout equipment/DVDs. Second to technology, guests are most pleased when their favorite food and beverages are provided during their hotel stay:
  • 45% said their favorite new amenities are: happy hours, wine tastings or any other time with free food and drinks.
  • 31% want to see more complimentary bottled water in their hotel rooms (34% of female travelers; 24% of male travelers.)
Other findings:
  • Despite some guests stealing linens/towels (14%) or magazine/books (12%) from hotel rooms, over 66% of hotel guests have never stolen an item from their hotel room.
  • Travelers felt like extra luxuries like turndown service and bath menus were "not worth the hype," according to 44% of female respondents and 30% of male respondents.
  • The bathroom phone gets no love. It is the least used hotel amenity, with 37% of total respondents saying they never touch it.
  • When asked about amenities at luxury hotels, women prefer designer toiletries (23%) and men prefer the fitness center and spa (27%.).
  • When asked if they could stay celebrity-style, the top option for both men (35%) and women (38%) was to have their kitchen pre-stocked with their favorite food and beverages. A close second was the ability to have a private pool and hot tub in the room (37% of women; 34% of men.) These options beat out such fun or diva-esque in-room demands like an arcade, favorite fresh flowers everywhere, private staff or a movie screening room.