Friday, January 13, 2012

Top 10 Cities To Find A Sensitive Man

To help single women find a man with some tender loving care, has tapped its data on the personality types of American singles to locate the cities with the highest concentrations of compassionate, sensitive single men. The site revealed that the most sensitive men in America can be found in cities that are also popular vacation destinations, with Pompano Beach, Florida, topping the list. Ann Arbor, Michigan, known as a big college sports town, has ranked the least likely city to find a sensitive man. The Top 10 cities to find a sensitive man:
1. Pompano Beach, Florida 6. Sarasota, Florida
2. Roanoke, Virginia 7. Greenville, South Carolina
3. West Hollywood, California 8. Wilmington, North Carolina
4. Nashville, Tennessee 9. Indianapolis, Indiana
5. Buffalo, New York 10. Staten Island, New York