Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Jill Biden Writes Kids’ Book, A Tribute To Troops

After years of teaching English to college and high school students, Jill Biden has written a book of her own. The wife of Vice President Joe Biden has completed a children’s story, “Don’t Forget, Nana, God Bless Our Troops,” told from the point of view of granddaughter Natalie Biden and a tribute to soldiers and their families. The story is especially personal because her son Beau Biden, Delaware’s attorney general and a major in the state’s Army National Guard, spent a year in Iraq. The book will be published June 5th. Biden said she came up with the title after putting Natalie to bed one night. They read some stories and said their prayers, and Biden got up to say goodnight. As she was leaving, Natalie said, “Don’t forget, Nana, God bless our troops.” Biden is receiving no advance. She and the publisher said all net author proceeds are being donated to charities for military families.